The Lion's Message in a Bottle scheme is a simple idea that encourages people to keep their medical details in a small plastic bottle wwhich is then stored in a common place which is usually  the fridge.

The scheme has been running for a few years and now there is a Lions Club in Maghull, Lydiate, Aintree and Melling this novel and innovative initiative is being supported for our local community.


Who can Benefit from it 

Anybody who

  • Has allergies

  • Has life threatening illnesses

  • Has a disability

  • Is not in good health

  • Is living alone

  • Has dementia

Who should know about Message in a Bottle?

  • Paramedics

  • Police

  • Fire Fighters

  • Carers

  • District Nurses

  • Social Services staff

How does it work?

 In the event of an accident, emergency or incident in the home the first emergency service will be alerted to the Message in a Bottle by the label located by the front door.

The initial emergency responders then know to go and look for the bottle (which, as we said before, is normally in the fridge) and have all the important information needed to give the correct treatment as soon as possible

How can I get one?

Some of the local pharmacies and surgeries in the Maghull and Districts of Aintree, Melling and Lydiate have them in stock Just look for the posters. Alternatively you can



If your local surgery or pharmacy doesn't have any get them to call for a supply of bottles.