What is Lionism?

What is Lions International?

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Your local Lions Club,Maghull and District Lions Club, is one of 44,700 Lions Clubs actively serving their communities in 186 countries and geographical areas of the world. Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization across the globe. Its 1.4 million members are dedicated to bettering the quality of life for the disabled, the poor, the sick and the aged. The motto of Lions Clubs International is “WE SERVE,” and Lions live this motto with enthusiasm.

A Lions Club is not a fraternal, social or political organization but it is a group of civic-minded men and women who have banded together to do the things they cannot do alone. Lions are willing and anxious to give their time, energy and resources in service to others. A person is rewarded in Lionism by the pleasure and satisfaction of serving others; by improving the community in which he or she lives; and by endeavoring to leave the world a better place than he or she found 

The rewards are in direct proportion to the effort expended.

By investing time and effort in club activities, a person receives dividends in new friendships, new status in the community, a new awareness of God’s many blessings, and a heart-warming sense of fulfillment from doing something good for others. A Lions Club is a medium through which all of these things are available to reputable men and women of good will and integrity.