Irish Night 2019

 Webmaster    12 May 2019 : 11:21
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Irish Night

Maghull and District Lions held a very successful Irish night at St George's parish centre. They had Corrib (two members of Cream of the Barley) who royally entertained the crowd with excellent music and a lot of humour. Not only were the visitors to the event treated to Corrib but also Mandy Harrington, a friend of the band.

A very tasty supper was provided by the ladies from the club. The supper comprised a selection of sandwiches, meat pie, sausage roll, salad and sausages. A fund raising raffle was also held, this had some excellent prizes including a leprechaun knitted by one of the club's members.

The event was such a success the club have been asked to do another one soon.


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